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Are Hot Wings Enough to Burn Out Austin Butler’s Elvis Voice?

Austin Butler recently announced that he is retiring the southern twang that he put on for his titular role in Baz Luhrmann’s Elvis. But is that really a decision he has any control over? The actor, who has explained throughout his latest press tour that he lived and breathed Elvis Presley for several years with the help of a voice coach, appeared in the most recent episode of Hot Ones. The interview gets off to a calm start, with Butler telling host Sean Evans about Elvis’s filmography, sharing thoughts on different acting methods, and recalling what it was like to work with Quentin Tarantino on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. As the wings get hotter, though, Butler grabs a glass of oat milk, wipes his nose, and loses his train of thought. By the time the interview ends with Butler waxing poetic about PB&J sandwiches, has the hot sauce managed to burn out his Elvis vocal cords? Listen to the “sniffling Bob Ross” decide that spreading grape jelly “is gonna be my new therapy” and judge for yourself.

Can Hot Wings Burn Out Austin Butler’s Elvis Voice?