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Harrison Ford Isn’t Anxious. You’re Just Boring.

He’s not entertained. Photo: David Becker/Getty Images

SEO strategist. Digital brand partnership director. Unqualified armchair psychologist. Of all the professions to emerge in our social-media era, that third one is perhaps the most confusingly pervasive. On social media, college kids with one psych class under their belt subject couples to the green-line test to suss out cheaters. Adults throw around unofficial ADHD diagnoses like candy. True-crime fans who have had a little bit too much screen time basically do phrenology on serial killers. And apparently, fans of legendary grump Harrison Ford have decided from afar that he has a social anxiety disorder. Since Ford plays a therapist in the new Jason Segel series Shrinking, The Hollywood Reporter figured it was high time to ask Ford about this fan theory.

“Shit,” he responded. “That sounds like something a psychiatrist would say, not a casual observer. No. I don’t have a social anxiety disorder. I have an abhorrence of boring situations.” It’s a perfect response, one so good that THR tweeted it out over a black-and-white photo of Ford like an inspirational Einstein quote.

Ford also says he’s “not anti-therapy for anybody — except for myself. I know who the fuck I am at this point.” Beautiful.

Harrison Ford Isn’t Anxious. You’re Just Boring.