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Jack Whitehall Shares a Manscaper With His Cavapoo

Every now and then, you watch a clip from a late-night show that makes you think, Some celebrities just make up quirky stories to share on these things, right? Last night offered one of those moments. When British comedian Jack Whitehall appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to promote his North American stand-up tour, he shared a story about the manscaping razor his girlfriend had given him as “a passive-aggressive present.” He said, “As I was using the manscaper, I looked down and saw a red hair. And I was like, Oh my God, maybe I’m going ginger down there. I googled it. Not a thing. So then I was like, Well, then, whose hair is it? Another man has been scaping in my bathroom! When she came back from the shops, I confronted her, holding aloft this hair: ‘Who is he? Where is he?’ She came clean. She was laughing in my face. Do you know how it got there? She admitted that she had been using my manscaper on the dog.”

Wait a minute. Hold on. There’s no way that can be a real story, right? There’s no possible way that someone would use a razor their partner shaves their pubes with on a dog. Even if they’re British. Let alone using it on the dog multiple times and not properly cleaning it. She could be giving Whitehall fleas! Besides, stand-ups invent stories for their acts all the time. When they set one up by saying something happened “the other day,” I never buy it. He probably got the idea from starring in Clifford the Big Red Dog; his mind probably jumped to Big Red Dog … Pube.

That’s what I thought at first. But then I looked up Whitehall’s girlfriend, British model Roxy Horner, and now I don’t know what to believe. Horner’s Instagram is full of posts of her holding their adorable ginger Cavapoo, Coco, like a teddy bear and referring to her as her “little fur baby” and “fur child.”

Horner also has an Instagram account with the handle @cocodacavoodle, where she writes captions in the first person as Coco and posts plenty of evidence to suggest that the pup and Papa Jack don’t share many boundaries, as when he holds an umbrella over her so she can poo in the rain:

Or when she’s his date to the Big Red carpet:

Or when they model matching finance-bro outerwear, looking very Cousin Greg and Tom.

Over on Whitehall’s Insta, he and Coco are eating soup from the same spoon.

Looks like Whitehall’s telling the truth, and if that’s the case, this is quite literally a grooming scandal.

Jack Whitehall Shares a Manscaper With His Cavapoo