wangs for the memories

Watch Paula Pell Draw a Penis From Memory

Ah, the ’80s! Cocaine was everywhere, the kajas were googoo-ing, and Paula Pell was dabbling in heterosexuality. The Girls5eva star told Seth Meyers on Tuessday’s Late Night that she briefly “went down Penis Avenue” after her first bad breakup. Pell is now married to Janine Brito, and is in fact such a lesbian that she has a live-in vet tech for her many elderly dogs. But it was the ’80s! People were doing all sorts of wild stuff back then. Pell decided to draw one of those vintage members from memory, explaining the process as she went. Did the final product look more like a Pez dispenser with five feet and a clown face? Sure. But who’s to say that’s not what ’80s dick looked like?

Late Night: Paula Pell Tried Being Straight in the ’80s