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Apparently Matthew McConaughey Took Career Advice From a Fortune Teller

Photo: Gary Miller/Getty Images

Matthew McConaughey recently revealed that a fortune teller helped influence his decision to say all right, all right, all right to his role as Ben in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. He told Vanity Fair that he was thinking about whether to join the cast while taking an evening walk down Sunset Boulevard. According to the actor, a “fortune-teller guru” approached him and asked if he could, well, tell his fortune. “He immediately goes, ‘There’s a movie you’re considering right now. It’s a romantic comedy. You have to do this or it will be one of the biggest regrets of your life. It is going to be a blast, it is going to be an incredible experience, and it is going to make a bunch of money,’” McConaughey recalled. Despite wondering if the studio had hired the stranger to share this message, he did take “a more serious consideration” of the role after this experience. “I think I even accepted the offer the next day,” the actor said.

McConaughey ended up starring alongside Kate Hudson’s Andie in the Donald Petrie–directed box-office hit. Fans probably shouldn’t expect a How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days sequel, though — Hudson told Vanity Fair that nothing is currently in the works. “My hope is that [Andie and Ben] are happy, they’ve got a bunch of kids, they got married, and they’re still playing Bullshit with his parents,” she said. “If there was a sequel, I’m sure there would be some conflict in there somewhere.” Basically, she doesn’t seem to see a need to continue Andie and Ben’s story … though who knows, perhaps a fortune teller will stop her on the street one day and change her mind.

Matthew McConaughey Took Career Advice From a Fortune Teller