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Adam Scott’s Pranks Made Ken Marino Cry During Party Down

Are we having fun with the pranks yet? Photo: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Thirteen years later, Party Down reunites on Starz this weekend for another string of weird catering gigs. At the show’s premiere, Vulture asked the returning cast members, who play a group of aspiring actors supporting themselves by catering events, about their own on-set parties and pranks. “There’s a lot of pranking,” Jane Lynch, who plays wealthy widow Constance, said of being back with the crew again. “Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen are like little brothers, and they haven’t grown up. They’re always pranking each other.” But the details of these pranks? When asked, Starr laughed and said, “I don’t think we could talk about some of the pranks.”

However, the leader of the crew Ken Marino did reveal one prank that Adam Scott, who had to skip the premiere to film Severance, pulled on him. “Adam pretended that I infected his finger and he went to the hospital and had surgery on it. It made me feel really bad. After about a day and a half, he told me that he didn’t, and I cried,” Marino explained. “It was probably the best joke played on me in a long, long time. But I did cry with joy that I didn’t hurt him.” When asked if he got a chance to prank Scott back, the on-set high jinks of Party Down blurred into a mystery once more: “I got Adam back a bunch of times in the past, but those I won’t talk about.”

Adam Scott’s Prank Made Ken Marino Cry During Party Down