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Bowen Yang Is a Deflated, Distraught Chinese Spy Balloon in SNL’s Cold Open

Bowen Yang is once again here to give a voice to the voiceless. After playing the iceberg that sank the Titanic and a spotted lanternfly wreaking havoc as an invasive species, Yang called into Saturday Night Live’s cold open as the suspected Chinese spy balloon that was recently shot down over the Atlantic Ocean. Yang’s balloon is deflated, distraught, and immediately defensive. “I entertain you people for four days, and then get shot by Biden? Can’t believe I’m Joe’s Osama,” he says. And by the way, he doesn’t appreciate that experts have been discussing his beautiful body in terms of bus sizes. Yang’s balloon maintains that he was just flying over Montana because he’s a big fan of Yellowstone, and insists to reporter Katy Tur (Chloe Fineman) that he was not stealing sensitive information from the American people. “It’s always shoot the balloon and never unplug Alexa,” he scoffs. “If you care so much about your data, why do you all keep your bank passwords in the Notes app? You mail your literal DNA to a company to find out if you’re like 10 percent French, but je suis just a balloon!” Watch him fight off security questions — and a seagull — in the full clip above.

Meet Bowen Yang’s Deflated, Distraught Chinese Spy Balloon