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This New Will Ferrell Movie Looks Ruff

They did “The Hangover but women” (Bad Moms). They did “The Hangover but kids” (Good Boys). But the world has been waiting for “The Hangover but live-action talking dogs.” Behold the trailer for Strays: Reuniting Get Hard co-stars Will Ferrell and Jamie Foxx, the film follows a poor pupper (Ferrell) who is abandoned by his asshole owner (Will Forte). Realizing the owner he idolized is in fact terrible, the dog vows to bite the dude’s dick off. He is joined on this quest by fellow strays because who doesn’t love a movie with clearly stated goals and stakes? Nobody, that’s who. Also the dogs swear and do magic mushrooms. Strays comes to theaters June 9.

‘Strays’ Trailer: Will Ferrell Is a Dog That Cusses