bye bye billions

Dan Soder Makes a Whoopsie by Revealing Billions Is Ending

Oops. Photo: Jeff Neumann/SHOWTIME

Oopsie! Someone made a wittle swip-up and now we know some big news before we’re supposed to. Gossip win! While on the NBC Sports show Football Night in Chicago on March 26, comedian and Billions star Dan Soder accidentally revealed that season seven of the Showtime series, which marks the return of Damien Lewis, will be the show’s last. “Season seven, the final season of Billions, on its way,” Soder, who plays strange and sweet Mafee, said on the program, which seems pretty direct. “Am I not supposed to say that? I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that. I think so. It’s fine.” Mike Berman, the show’s host, helpfully added: “Doesn’t matter. You just said it.” But never fear, Billions fans (Dollars? Hedges? Bills?), the Billions Televisual Universe will soldier on — Showtime declined to comment but still plans on producing spinoff shows, including ones currently titled Millions and Trillions (not a joke). Let’s hope some loose lips leak some details about those shows soon.

Dan Soder Makes a Whoopsie, Reveals Billions’ ‘Final Season’