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Stranger Things Star Grace Van Dien to Focus on Twitch After On-Set Sexual Harassment

Photo: Jeremy Chan/Getty Images

Stranger Things actress Grace Van Dien isn’t quitting acting, but she is taking a break and becoming more “selective” with the roles she takes. On a Twitch stream, she shared that her past few on-set experiences were not positive due to the sexual harassment she faced. “One of the last movies I did, [a producer] hired a girl he was sleeping with, and he had her ask me to have a threesome with them,” explained Van Dien. “But when people are like, ‘How is streaming better for your mental health?’ That’s how. I get to stay inside my house and play video games and I don’t have my boss asking me to have sex with them.” She hopes to return to film and television, either in front of or behind the camera, on her terms. Van Dien, who directed the short film Monsters and Muses in 2020, hopes that she can sell a new project in the future, with a more positive and appropriate work environment. “I’m happy here, and I’m developing my own projects,” she said. “I’m hoping that someone decides to fund them because then I can be in control of my own set, and I’m not gonna ask my actors to sleep with me.”

Grace Van Dien To Focus on Twitch After Sexual Harassment