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I Think You Should Be-lieve ITYSL Has a Season 3 Premiere Date

Robinson/Richardson 2024 Photo: Terence Patrick/Netflix

You gotta give … it up for Netflix, which keeps renewing television’s No. 1 comedy (or No. 2, depending on whether Coffin Flop is even “a show”). Today, Netflix announced that I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson will return for its third season on May 30. As with previous seasons, Netflix will be dropping those eps like corpses outta coffins all at once, and there will be six of them (episodes, not corpses). A press release notes that the show has won the WGA Award for Comedy/Variety — Sketch Series for both of its previous seasons, demonstrating that the WGAs have the refined taste of a Dan Flashes customer.

The timing couldn’t be better, because tonight, Robinson and ITYSL’s co-creator, Zach Kanin, will be accepting a “Power of Comedy” award at SXSW (in a bizarre detail worthy of the Sloppy Steaks guy, one of the event’s signature drinks is “Arby’s Curly Fry Vodka infused with Jimmy John’s Pickle Juice”). May 30 is a Tuesday, by the way, so you’re gonna have some pretty funny videos to play at work.

I Think You Should Be-lieve ITYSL’s Season 3 Premiere Date