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Succession’s James Cromwell Has No Idea How Many Times He’s Been Arrested

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

James Cromwell belongs to that hallowed tier of celebs who put their money where their mouths are — or, rather, are down to get arrested for a cause. Cromwell has been arrested many times at protests for causes related to animal rights, most recently after supergluing himself to a table at Starbucks to protest up-charging dairy-free milks. But just how many times has Cromwell gone to jail for his beliefs? “Oh, I lose track,” he said. Speaking to “Page Six” on the Succession season-four-premiere red carpet, Cromwell guesstimated he’s been to jail “seven or eight times, maybe more.” Cromwell became a vegetarian in 1975 and went full veegs after Babe. Because when a pig talks to you, you should probably listen.

Cromwell seems to have a hoot at some of these protests, saying of his most recent arrest, “The glue was fun. I had a lot of fun with that one.” Cromwell said the cops had to use acetone to dissolve the superglue in order to extricate himself from the Starbucks. It was so fume-y that the coffee shop had to shut down for a day to air out. “Which is good,” he added, “because what they were doing was horrendously stupid. Charging for nondairy creamers — which they don’t do in Europe.” You hear that, new Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan? They don’t pull that shit in Europe.

James Cromwell Has Lost Count of His Protest Arrests