Jax Taylor Knows ‘For a 100 Percent Fact’ That Tom Schwartz Was a ‘Decoy’

With many great canonical works, the audience must rely on an unreliable narrator and use their own discernment to identify the truth. The Sound and the Fury uses one. As do Lolita, The Great Gatsby, and now, perhaps the greatest American work of our time, Scandoval. For our latest update on this ever-unfurling web, we must assess the veracity of claims made by one Jax Taylor. On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on March 22, Cohen asked Taylor if he believed that Tom Schwartz was a “decoy” in the Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval drama. He replied with “100 percent. I talk to Schwartz every day. I know for a fact, for a 100 percent fact, on my child — he told me he knew.” It’s a big claim and one that, if it can be believed, would answer one of the biggest remaining questions about Scandoval.

When prodded, Taylor added that in conversations with Schwartz, “he goes, ‘I knew for a while.’ He kinda left it at that. But then he said, ‘I tried to tell him to come forward with it.’” Taylor then slightly amended his previous certainty by adding, “That’s what he told me verbatim. I gotta take his word for it.” So do we believe Taylor? The man certainly has the motivation to seem dramatic — he’s as hungry to get back on TV as Jenna Maroney. But he is willing to cite his sources, which is a good sign. So why don’t we ask the audience: Is Jax Taylor a trustworthy source? Please, consider his history, his sources, the fact that he is thirstier than a camel, and show your work.

Jax Taylor Knows That Tom Schwartz Was a ‘Decoy’