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Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Convinced Adam Sandler Is a Fashion Icon

Vogue has a lot to answer for. In December 2021, the world’s premiere fashion magazine published an article with the headline “Adam Sandler Is This Year’s Fashion Icon — and I Love It,” and Jennifer Aniston has been suffering ever since. While visiting The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon on March 21, Aniston described a “nice dinner” with Sandler and his wife, Jackie Sandler, while in Italy shooting the first Murder Mystery film. “He shows up in basketball shorts — satin basketball shorts with white piping,” Aniston says. “And Nike high-tops and a turquoise velour Izod.” Aniston injects particular vitriol into the word “turquoise,” so you know it’s bad. But Sandler, it turns out, is riding high off of Vogue’s approval. “He says, ‘Vogue says I look amazing like this,’” Aniston reports. “So thanks, Vogue.

They’re still partners in comedy, though, starring in Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2, out March 24. Earlier in the interview, Aniston describes a new passion of hers — singing. She prepared to sing “No One Is Alone” in season two of the Sandler-less Morning Show by taking singing lessons from a vocal coach and loved it so much that a friend got her ten more lessons. Of course, this means that we are stuck fan-casting Sandler and Aniston in potential film adaptations of musicals. They’d make a killer Christine and the Phantom in a Phantom of the Opera remake and probably do pretty well as Frog and Toad in A Year With Frog and Toad. Still, the image we can’t get out of our brains is them performing as Big and Little Edie in an adaptation of the Grey Gardens musical. What, you wouldn’t pay to see that?

Jennifer Aniston Isn’t Sure Adam Sandler Is a Fashion Icon