Introducing the Succession Club Newsletter

Photo: HBO

For the past three seasons as we’ve watched Succession, we’ve wondered, Why don’t these people have more therapists?

But the show also presents oodles of questions that are a whole lot more answerable, with a rich, New Yorkey tapestry of richness and New Yorkiness. The scarves, the sweaters, the headphones, the cars, the name-drops, the allusions, the lunch spots, the streetscapes — the quiet touchstones of setting and set design and costuming are exquisite.

And that’s why we’re launching a newsletter exclusively for New York subscribers devoted to the show’s last season. (Already a subscriber? Visit this page to sign up. Not a subscriber yet? Click here.) We’re calling it Succession Club because we want it to feel like a club — a place for us to gather with our colleagues and subscribers to dissect, obsess, and debate over all the minutiae of the final episodes of one of our favorite shows. We’ll be bringing in folks from across the magazine — from the style experts at the Cut to the ace TV critics at Vulture to the Intelligencer reporters who cover the real-life equivalents of these power players.

We’d like to be your guide to that intelligent textural fabric that helps make Succession so successful. We hope to tell you where that dark and chic restaurant is; the provenance of the enormous scarf that Marcia is wearing; where you can get those wildly expensive headphones that Kendall uses to get hyped; the backstory behind that media joke. And whatever else the show throws at us! We don’t know, we haven’t seen it yet either.

We also hope to answer the question: Will someone actually … succeed? Perhaps only time can tell us that.

Arriving in inboxes every Monday starting March 27, Succession Club brings our writers and editors together to identify and interpret the subtle magic that makes the show great.

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Introducing Succession Club