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Keanu Reeves Dodges Marriage Proposal at John Wick 4 Premiere

The guy. Photo: Rick Kern/Getty Images for Lionsgate

Like any action star worth his salt, Keanu Reeves can duck, roll, and dive his way away from trouble. And he put those skills to test again at the U.S. premiere of John Wick: Chapter 4, the final film in his beloved action series, at South by Southwest. Early into a rowdy post-screening Q&A, Reeves reportedly got his first taste of danger: a fan shouting, “I’ll marry you!” Reeves responded, “Yeah, be careful what you wish for,” per Variety. (And sorry to report: He’s taken.) He didn’t dodge details of the fourth film during the chat, with Variety redacting his favorite part of the movie — which, start speculating, did elicit awws from the audience. He also didn’t shy away when one fan shouted a question about a sequel to his 2005 film Constantine, simply replying, “I’m trying, man.” But when it came time to talk John Wick spinoffs, Reeves did his best to avoid fire, giving a reportedly “tentative” no on his involvement in Peacock series The Continental and Ana de Armas film Ballerina. Then, he did remember, “I have a cameo in Ballerina, that’s true.” He lives to fight another day.

Keanu Reeves Dodges Marriage Proposal at SXSW