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Psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel Assists Fallen Photographer on Champagne Carpet

Harleen Quinzel Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

The Champagne carpet can be a dangerous place. The carpet blends in so well with the dresses that it’s difficult to know where to put your feet. So when a man falls, it’s important to help him. Luckily, when a photographer fell on this year’s not-red promenade, noted psychiatrist Harleen Quinzel was there to help. Upon seeing a photographer fall in front of her, the Ph.D. recipient rushed over with the speed of a hundred Top Gun fighter jets to the man in order to aid him in returning to an upright position. Due to the help of the medical professional, the man appeared to survive fully intact. Quinn, meanwhile, disappeared into the night — perhaps to investigate the insurrection, like the do-gooder she is. After all, who else but a totally pure soul would commit themselves to rehabilitating the debilitatingly cruel heart of Arthur Fleck?

Harleen Quinzel Assists Fallen Photographer