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The Love Is Blind Cast Wear Their Heart (And Their Style) On Their Sleeves

One of Chelsea’s many shoes. Photo: Netflix/COURTESY OF NETFLIX

After four seasons, Netflix knows that love can be blind. However, having stylish and cute outfits on the show isn’t. Tudum asked four Love Is Blind contestants to explain their packing strategies for entering the pods, and their answers are very representative of their personalities on the show. Kwame’s two love interests, Chelsea and Micah, were both over packers! Micah shared that she packed three suitcases with a mix of new clothes and some she already had in her wardrobe, while Chelsea (as well all know) packed an “upwards of 28 pairs of shoes.” As for Micah’s BFF Irina, like some of her choices in the pods, she has regrets about her reveal dress. “I’d say I hated my reveal dress. That was so much. I just hated how I looked and I hated how I felt,” she shared. “So I feel like that was my first time wearing color and it was new to me, but I honestly don’t feel like I was able to express myself as much with what I was wearing.” Tiffany knew that her big reveal had to be something special. “I knew during my reveal dress I wanted something that was bright. I wanted something that was going to stand out,” she said. “For the pods, I wasn’t so much worried about it because I was like, ‘Oh, he’s not going to see me anyways,’ so I was fine with that. But that reveal dress, it had to be the one.”

Of course, Jackie wasn’t stressed out about packing for the pods especially because she packed last minute in comparison to the other contestants. “I’m a late packer. I packed the night before. I’m not the type where I am going to stress out,” she explains. “My reveal dress, though, I was like, ‘I need to be up to par. I need to be top-tier. I need to be on my A game.’ So I was like, ‘I’m a fresh blonde. Let me just go ahead and get a doo-doo brown dress.’ So I went and ordered me a brown dress and I got brown heels. I just threw it on and that was it.”

Love Is Blind Cast Wear Their Heart + Style On Their Sleeves