The Pink Power Ranger Isn’t in the Reunion, and It’s ‘None of Ur Beeswax’

One mighty morpher. Photo: Saban Entertainment/Everett Collection

One of the original Rangers is ready to retire from morphin. Former Pink Power Ranger Amy Jo Johnson originated the role from 1993–95 but is not going to take part in the upcoming Netflix Power Rangers reboot, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. “Please stop saying I didn’t do reunion because of money Simply not true,” Johnson tweeted on March 26. “Maybe I just didn’t want to wear spandex in my 50s 🤣 or couldn’t go to NZ for a month.Or none of ur beeswax.” The assumption that Johnson wasn’t participating due to money comes from Johnson herself, who seemed to be referring to an insufficient offer in a January 18 tweet. “For the record I never said no…I just didn’t say yes to what was offered,” Johnson said at the time. That’s a new kind of pink tax.

Johnson clarified a bit on the choices of Jason David Frank, who played the Green Power Ranger and died in November 2022. “JDF & I both chose not to for our own reasons,” she wrote in the March 26 tweet. “They filmed before he passed.”

But never fear, the fate of the world is still in good hands with Blue Ranger David Yost, Black Ranger Walter Emanuel Jones, and Red Ranger Steve Cardenas all returning to the film. The Pink Ranger is also not out of commission, with Catherine Sutherland, who was the second Pink Ranger, appearing in the special, which premieres on April 19. It’s still morphin time.

Pink Ranger Amy Jo Johnson Clarifies Her Morphin Retirement