Jenna Ortega Gives SNL Newcomer Fred Armisen a Chance in Her Monologue

It’s always so nice to see industry veterans give up-and-coming new stars the spotlight to shine, which is exactly what Scream VI star Jenna Ortega did for relative unknown Fred Armisen during last night’s Saturday Night Live monologue. Ortega kicked things off by showing the audience a clip of her first ever acting experience: a Colgate toothpaste commercial when she was nine, in which she called germs “invisible nasties” (cute!) “I got discovered when my mom put a video of me on Facebook, which someone explained to me is like TikTok but for racism instead of dancing,” Ortega explained. She later brings up her Wednesday costar, Armisen, to thank him for inspiring her (“my favorite sketch of all time is The Californians“) before dismissing him from the stage. Watch the full monologue above.

SNL Newcomer Fred Armisen Joins Jenna Ortega’s Monologue