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Twitter Swarmed

Photo: Prime Video

Swarm, the Amazon Prime Video series created by Janine Nabers and Donald Glover, is doing exactly what it intended to do: take over the internet. From the meta casting of Paris Jackson (whose stage name is Halsey) to Chloe Bailey doing whatever she wants with her own body in a sex scene with Damson Idris, Swarm has Twitter, uh, swarming. Co-written by Malia Obama under the name Malia Ann, Swarm centers on superfan Dre (Dominique Fishback), who has an obsession with her favorite artist, Ni’Jah, a Beyoncé-esque pop star who is basically Beyoncé. Over the course of seven gory and funny episodes littered with pop-culture references, the Donald Glover joint (with music by Childish Gambino) has already yielded discourse wild enough to get Mother Halle Berry somehow involved. So … who’s your favorite artist?

Dre may be the ultimate onscreen stalker.

Sex-scene debates mean the think pieces are incoming.


Billie Eilish’s convincing performance as a Goop-y cult leader.

WWBT: What would Beyoncé think?

True crime is shaking.

Twitter Swarmed