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Keke Palmer Is Kinda Getting Her Own My Best Friend’s Wedding

Photo: Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

As always, Keke “Keep a Job” Palmer is keeping the Ke-conomy going strong. Just a couple weeks after giving birth, the new mom has booked yet another lead role. Per The Hollywood Reporter, she’s set to star in The Backup, an upcoming comedy from Universal Pictures that reminds us of a certain 1997 rom-com classic. Written by Chris Brew and Jordan Gouveia, The Backup’s script sorta sounds like a gender-swapped version of My Best Friend’s Wedding: A player named Ben decides he’s ready to settle down with his childhood friend Alyssa (Palmer), but she reveals that she is already engaged to a handsome billionaire. In fact, she wants Ben to be her best man. With the help of some friends, Ben shows up to the wedding in Maui and attempts to win her back. Palmer will also be producing the movie through her Big Boss Entertainment company, along with Kevin Hart and the chief content officer of his Hartbeat banner, Bryan Smiley. As for the role of Ben? We’ll have to see if whoever gets cast will commit to the dark side as much as Julia Roberts did.

Keke Palmer’s Kinda Getting Her Own My Best Friend’s Wedding