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The Daniels Literally Gave Stephanie Hsu Permission to Be Weird

In case you haven’t noticed, Jobu Tupaki is weird. She’s a weirdo. She doesn’t “fit in.” And she doesn’t want to fit in. Have you ever seen her without this stupid everything bagel? That’s weird. In fact, Stephanie Hsu was so worried about being weird in front of Michelle Yeoh and the crew of Everything Everywhere All at Once that she made the Daniels make an announcement about it. Speaking to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Hsu explained that she and the directing duo would really let their freak flags fly during rehearsals. But when the time came to actually film Hsu breaking the fourth wall, slapping around some dildos, or just being a weirdo, she got nervous. “They’re going to think I’m the worst actor on earth,” she said. So she asked the Daniels to make an announcement to the entire cast and crew that Hsu had their express permission to be weird. “Hey everybody, this is Stephanie,” Hsu mimed the Daniels saying. “She’s gonna be kinda weird, but we told her to do that.”

The Daniels Gave Stephanie Hsu Permission to Be Weird