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Adele Is in the Driver’s Seat for James Corden’s Final Carpool Karaoke

It might be difficult to understand, if you are a person who doesn’t really get the appeal of Carpool Karaoke, why The Late Late Show bit blew up in the way that it did. James Corden’s final Carpool Karaoke, which dropped today, might provide some clues for those of us who just don’t get it. Corden announced last year that he would be departing his late-night show in 2023 with his final episode set to broadcast on April 28. Corden’s friend and previously viral Late Late Show guest Adele turned the tables on him by picking him up and driving him around for his final Carpool Karaoke (as social-media users predicted weeks ago). At Adele’s prompting, Corden revealed that, initially, nobody wanted to carpool with him — except, for whatever reason, Mariah Carey. After Carey’s appearance on Carpool Karaoke as well as Adele’s in 2016, the bit exploded into the phenomenon that it is today — again, for reasons largely unknown. Even though this is Corden’s last Carpool Karaoke, remember that there is an entire series on Apple TV+ devoted to the segment, so we will probably never be truly free of it.

Adele Is in the Driver’s Seat for the Final Carpool Karaoke