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Bad Bunny Apologizes to Harry Styles for Coachella Visuals

Photo: Christopher Polk)/Variety via Getty Images

Just because you’re bad it doesn’t mean you can’t own up to mistakes, even if they’re not your own. There was a visual during Bad Bunny’s headlining set at Coachella last weekend that said “Goodnight Benito could do ‘As It Was’ but Harry could never do ‘El Apagon.’” A representative for Bad Bunny told Rolling Stone that he did not approve of the image in his performance, which was confirmed by Sturdy Co, the company that created the visuals for the show. However, Bad Bunny and Sturdy Co made a correction for Friday night’s weekend two visuals. It now reads “Sorry Harry. It was a mistake from my team. We love you. <3” Bad Bunny most recently expressed his love for Styles during a Carpool Karaoke segment where he and James Corden sang “As It Was.” Thankfully, neither party needed Kendall Jenner to hand over a can of Pepsi an olive branch for the misunderstanding.

Bad Bunny Apologizes to Harry Styles at Coachella Weekend 2