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Bob the Drag Queen and Mistress Isabelle Brooks’s Diss Tracks Are Read, Written, Posted

Miss Congeniality eras. Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: Getty Images

Come at a queen, you best not miss. That’s what happened when current Drag Race finalist Mistress Isabelle Brooks dropped her days-awaited diss track against season-eight winner Bob the Drag Queen and Bob shot back, as sisters do. Mistress, capitalizing on her reputation as the season’s shady queen, fired the first shot on April 4, tweeting that Bob “has stepped outta line with me one too many times.” Maybe she was just looking for a new target after Loosey’s elimination? Bob threatened to drop a diss track just hours later (and, ouch, threw her podcast co-host, Monét X Change, under the bus with Mistress). Mistress stayed ready, and the queens agreed to drop their diss tracks on the night of April 6 — until Mistress jumped the gun, gifting us even more beef ahead of the season-15 finale on April 14.

So who packed more heat, Diss-tress Isabelle Brooks or Bob the Diss Queen? Mistress takes the title game with “Ode to Monét’s Understudy” and gets a string of jabs in about Bob’s busted looks. “But hold up, she can’t be giving fashion advice,” Mistress raps. “She can’t even pick a sweater that her best friend likes.” Ooh! After getting in a quick BoMo Beauty spot in her own diss, Bob went in over the “Read U Wrote U” beat with help from season 15’s Salina EsTitties. “Imagine tryin’ to read me in this heel?” she raps. “Imagine tryin’ to pay me with this bill / Imagine not knowin’ I’m a big fuckin’ deal.” (Even Sugar and Spice caught a stray: “In a room full of bottoms, you couldn’t top one.”)

“She definitely…. Posted something….,” Mistress tweeted in response to Bob’s track. Meanwhile, Bob declared that she “ended the Heavy Weight Chump.” Before the fandom could declare a winner, though, the girls made up — Bob even said she might be Team Mistress. Read who wrote who?

Bob and Mistress’s Beef Is Read, Written, Posted