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Ghosts (and Tubi), Vanessa Hudgens is Coming for You

In the beginning moments of the trailer for Dead Hot, Tubi’s new show starring Vanessa Hudgens and GG Magree, a ghost asks Hudgens a simple favor: “Help!” The lights go out, Hudgens gasps, and in no time, the Coachella queen takes on a narrative journey about witchcraft and ghosts in an everything-you-need-to-know guide to “crossing lines between the living and the dead.” How did this Tubi-described “masterclass of witchcraft” anthology come to be? After a “ghost hunt gone wrong,” the two BFFs came to a realization: They needed “proper mentorship and training” when communicating with the other side and they needed to go on an adventure to Salem, Massachusetts. Yes, this trailer has everything you ghost enthusiasts need: a graveyard, spells, summoning spirits, Vanessa Hudgens biting her lip, crystals, Vanessa Hudgens wearing a Lara Croft outfit, an aesthetically pleasing deck of cards, and an expedition about “finding the goddess” that’s always been inside of you. Get ready: Dead Hot premieres on Tubi this Friday, April 14.

Ghosts, Vanessa Hudgens Is Coming for You