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Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning Catch Up in Equalizer 3 Trailer

It’s been a while since Denzel Washington and Dakota Fanning appeared together onscreen — 20 years, in fact. The two Man on Fire co-stars have finally reunited over a casual cup of coffee in the trailer for The Equalizer 3, which dropped on Tuesday. As the name implies, Equalizer 3 is the third film in the Equalizer franchise, following Washington’s former government assassin Robert McCall as he fights his way through Italy. There’s plenty of intense fight scenes in this trailer, obviously, but the real standout moment is Washington and Fanning’s reunion. “Police found multiple dead bodies on that farm in Sicily,” Fanning’s character tells McCall. “Did you kill ’em?” We all already know the answer, but that’s part of the fun! The Equalizer 3, directed by Antoine Fuqua, opens in theaters on September 1.

Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning in Equalizer 3 Trailer