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Dungeons & Dragons Is Rolling for $40 Mil During Opening Weekend

Photo: Paramount

The party of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves may be stumbling into a battle with Keanu Reeves at the box office during its opening weekend. Deadline is predicting the classic role-playing game will earn $40 million against John Wick 4’s estimated $28.3 million for its second weekend. While the film has opened to favorable reviews from fans and critics alike, it had an unpleasant roll and was wedged in between two blockbuster films: John Wick 4 and The Super Mario Bros Movie. All three films have a loyal fan base, but the Mario Bros film is targeted as a family-friendly film being released around Spring Break, making it a clear choice for moviegoers next weekend. With John Wick 4, fans may also opt-in to watch the movie twice in cinemas as they pay their respects to the late Lance Reddick. Despite their setbacks, D&D did their best with the circumstances and may gain more hype as the weekend goes on.

Dungeons & Dragons Is Rolling for $40 Mil at Box Office