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John Early: Now More Than Ever Is on Its Way Now More Than Ever

John Early of John Early and the Lemon Squares. Photo: Greg Endries

How have you been? We at Vulture have been good. So good! Especially since the announcement of John Early’s upcoming HBO comedy special, John Early: Now More Than Ever. In June, the comedian, actor, and wedding officiant will be releasing his first solo special, thrillingly “in the style of a gritty 70s rockumentary,” according to a press release — like This Is Spinal Tap but with more Britney Spears covers. “I am so excited to finally come out to the world as the lead singer of my band John Early and the Lemon Squares,” Early said in the release. “I had the time of my life singing some of my favorite songs and sweating my brains out at the taping, and I can’t wait for more people to finally see this sacred show I’ve been doing some version of over the past 10 years in New York. I could not feel any cooler to have the support of alt comedy legends Abso Lutely Productions and for this to be airing on the crown jewel that is HBO.” So if you don’t have HBO, now is the time to get it. Maybe you can pay in hot caramel.

John Early: Now More Than Ever Is Coming Now More Than Ever