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Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show to Help Roy Wood Jr. Go Viral

Jon Stewart came back to The Daily Show in true Gen-Xer fashion, quoting the original Star Wars trilogy. Dressed in full Obi-Wan drag, Stewart appeared to help guest host Roy Wood Jr. go viral. Feels sort of kingmaker-y, no? Stewart’s appearance during a guest host’s run feels like a seal of approval from the former Jedi master. Stewart explained that he used to host the show, which bugged Wood out. “The Daily Show had a white host?” he asked, puzzled. Crazy but true. Wood had been on a riff comparing Trump to Darth Vader, hence the Jedi robes. But he objected to being shunted into the Luke Skywalker role opposite Stewart’s Obi. “Luke Skywalker kissed his sister,” Wood said. He’d rather be Han Solo, which would make Stewart Chewie. Plus, if he’s Skywalker, does that make Trump his dad? Did Trump kill Stewart? In the sense that he was the death of satire, 100 percent. Oh well! RIP to satire, catch The Problem With Obi-Wan Kenobi on Apple TV+.

Jon Stewart Obi-Wan’s Roy Wood Jr. on The Daily Show