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Lizzy Caplan Would Be Back for a Second Season of the Party Down Revival

Spoilers for the season finale of Party Down.
When Party Down got revived by Starz, nearly the whole gang got back together. Lizzy Caplan was the one main cast holdout, because she had a scheduling conflict with Fleishman Is In Trouble. The show wrote Caplan out of the show by explaining that her character had gotten cast on SNL. They did manage to sneak Casey into the season finale, however, something that had to be kept a secret. “It wasn’t that hard to keep it a secret, ” Caplan told Andy Cohen on WWHL. “We laugh about how in the old days, when we made the original Party Down, nobody was really paying much attention.” Caplan said she’d be so down for a fourth season. “Everybody is really, really, really hoping for a second season,” she said. “Probably nobody more than me.”

Lizzy Caplan Would Return for One More Season of Party Down