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He’s a Lo-fi Boy in a Lo-fi World

Who is he? Photo: Lofi Girl

At the end of the green blue light, an orgiastic future greeted Lofi Girl. That future is Lofi Boy, a new avatar who studies to the tune of endless synthwave beats streamed on Lofi Girl’s YouTube account. He’s the latest character in the newly launched LofiWorld.com universe, and the run-up to his introduction gave lore-obssessed internet users something to gab about. Beginning around April 7, the blue light that illuminates one of the apartments outside Lofi Girl’s window began blinking during the uninterrupted live stream. Sleuths guessed the morse code message: LofiWorld.com, the project the girl has been working on during this yearslong stream to the tune of hip-hop beats. She and her cat left the frame for the first time, leaving clues to an April 11 surprise in the form of a circled date on the calendar and a countdown clock. As the stream wore on, the frame moved closer and closer to the blue light that her cat had been staring at for years, eventually revealing a bedroom belonging to a boy and his dog. “We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand new 24/7 Synthwave livestream on YouTube, marking an exciting milestone for our channel!” Lofi Girl wrote in a newsletter. “We can’t wait to immerse you in a soundscape that will take you to a new dimension of relaxation and creativity!” Now, we wait to see what Lofi Boy is working on in his corner of Lofi World … a shoegaze avatar perhaps?

He’s a Lofi Boy in a Lofi World