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Love Is Blind’s Zack Goytowski on Defending Paul Peden During the Reunion


The Love Is Blind (almost) live reunion threw punches at faulty technology and cast members across the board. Paul Peden, who left his ex-fiancée, Micah Lussier, at the altar, felt the heat from host Vanessa Lachey when she interrogated him on his breakup with Lussier, specifically on how he felt about her nurturing ability as a mother. However, Peden didn’t have to go through the heat alone, as his friend and lawyer Zack Goytowski came to his defense several times during the reunion. Goytowski talked to Vulture about why he felt he needed to stand up for his friend against Lachey and others onstage. “Here’s the thing about Paul, he won’t defend himself. He was just going to say ‘I’m sorry’ and take accountability. He apologized and said ‘I’m sorry,’ and they kept coming back at him like, And that’s not good enough,” Goytowski explained on the carpet as his wife, Bliss Poureetezadi, nodded along. “I felt like as his friend I had to say something.”

Love Is Blind’s Zack on Defending Paul During the Reunion