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Michaela Jaé Rodriguez Urges the Media and Celebrities to Fight for LGBTQIA+ Rights

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez. Photo: Arturo Holmes/Variety via Getty Images

Here’s one thing about Michaela Jaé Rodriguez, the first openly trans woman to win a Golden Globe: She will use her platform to call out anti-queer laws and general bigotry. And now, she’s asking celebrities and the media to do the same.

“In 2023 alone, over 400 anti-trans LGBTQIA+ bills have been proposed in the U.S. government,” she said during her remarks at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon on April 4. “In the same way that we have to fight for climate as individuals and in our elected bodies, we also have those who dare to claim that human rights are not universal to those who live in our country. The people who are currently, most completely and sadly, under attack are some of the most marginalized in society: transgender individuals, many of whom are people of color.” The Pose and Loot actor — who was being honored at the New York event for her philanthropic efforts with the Rainforest Alliance — highlighted a troubling study from the Trevor Project last year. “Eighteen percent of queer youth age 13 to 18 had attempted suicide and seriously considered taking their own life,” she said, urging the powerful attendees to pay attention. “This is a room full of media and celebrities. Everyone in this room has the power to create change. And I ask that you take the responsibility with gravity … This conversation has to continue until we have reached equality and protection under the law, because we are at stake. Our lives are at stake.”

Michaela Jaé Rodriguez Urges Media to Defend LGBTQIA+ Rights