Quinta Brunson, Sarah Sherman Make Their Debut As the Penis Brothers on SNL

Quinta Brunson and Sarah Sherman took workplace harassment to new heights on last night’s Saturday Night Live in “Bosses,” a sketch that includes the words “brothers bongo boob experience.” The sketch sees Chloe Fineman’s Janet try to convince her skeptical co-workers (Bowen Yang and Molly Kearney) that she’s been receiving some weird treatment from their bosses, played by Sherman and episode host Brunson. What follows is basically a bunch of boob jokes that are elevated by the stunning performances of Brunson and Sherman, who take their characters to cartoonish extremes before they’re both fired by Heidi Gardner’s HR person. Things reach a peak when they bust out the matching Penis Brothers jackets. Watch the full sketch above.

Quinta Brunson, Sarah Sherman Debut As the Penis Brothers