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Saturday Night Live: Bowen Yang’s Jafar Reads ‘The Boy’ (Ron DeSantis)

If you need someone absolutely read to filth, get a queercoded Disney villain. There are oodles to choose from! Bowen Yang turned up on “Weekend Update” as Jafar, to weigh in on the ongoing beef between the Walt Disney Company and former Disney Adult Ron DeSantis. Dude got married there. For those who aren’t up on the corporate goss, DeSantis tried to dissolve the Reedy Creek Improvement District (the weird part of two Florida counties on which Walt Disney World sits, which is self-governing and technically allows the Disney company to run a nuclear power plant if they feel like) after Disney came out against the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. However, right before DeSantis tried to dissolve the district, local government officials signed an agreement giving Disney power of the land until “21 years after the death of the last survivor of the descendants of King Charles III, king of England.” Jafar crowed over the victory, saying “You pitiful straight! You can try to stop us, boy, but we will outsmart you at every turn.”

SNL: Bowen Yang’s Jafar Weighs in on DeSantis Disney Feud