That Succession Moment Had a Codename: Larry David

the joint slay Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: HBO; Getty Images

It’s how Logan would have wanted it. After Sunday night’s episode of Succession, many viewers wonder how its defining plot point — the death of patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) — was successfully kept a secret for so long. Many viewers of the show expected it to happen in the show’s final season, but in that season’s third episode? A whammy. As it turns out, the information was kept on tight lockdown, even within the production offices of the HBO series itself.

Executive producer and writer Georgia Pritchett revealed on Twitter that the writers decided on January 22, 2022 that Logan would die, and gave the event a code word on the office whiteboards so no one would find out. You know, like they did for the queen. “Larry David meant Logan Dies. So episode 403 said Connor’s Wedding, Larry David. Mind you, that would also have been a great episode.”

She’s right, it would have been a great episode. While it’s difficult to imagine Larry David the real man attending Connor’s wedding, Larry David the Curb Your Enthusiasm character has certainly done worse and weirder. Maybe Waystar Royco owns HBO? But that would mean Waystar owns Succession … Nope. Not opening that wormhole in the fabric of reality this early on a Tuesday.

That Big Succession Moment Had a Code Name: Larry David