Super Mario Bros Becomes the First Movie of 2023 to Hit $1 Billion Globally

Photo: Illumination/YouTube

Update April 30: Wa-hoo! The Brothers Mario have done it. The Super Mario Bros Movie became the first film of 2023 to cross the billion-dollar mark, despite 1) the whole film being up on Twitter for hours and 2) selling many more children’s tickets than other box office juggernauts like Top Gun: Maverick. According to IndieWire, Super Mario Bros is on track to surpass the box office of any animated film this century.

Original story follows.

The Super Mario Bros Movie continues to collect coins at the box office three weeks after its release. The video game movie broke many records for Universal like becoming the highest-grossing video game adaptation and the highest-grossing film of the year so far as it earned $871 million globally in April. Now, the film is projected to cross over $1 billion globally next week, making it the first film of the year to hit that mark. However, it has a limited time to do so before Guardians of the Galaxy 3 hits theaters the following week. As the film finds box office success, it leaves the question of whether will it as decorated during awards season as well. It’s almost a sure-fire guarantee Super Mario Bros will earn some orange blimps at the Kids Choice Awards but as for the rest of Hollywood? We’re hoping for at least a nomination for Jack Black’s “Peaches.”

Super Mario Bros Hits $1 Bil Globally