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Sneaky Little Gremlin Taylor Swift Finds New Hidey-hole

Is she huffing Pine-Sol in there? Photo-Illustration: Vulture. Photos: Getty Images

Taylor Swift continues to innovate in the field of armored-vehicle technology. It’s a known fact that Elon Musk stole the idea for the Cybertruck from Swift’s own invention, “Folding Yourself Up Inside of a Suitcase Carried by Two Men So As to Travel From Building to Car in Secrecy.” Fans have been waiting for her latest technological rollout ever since.

To be fair, Swift is just so prodigious at hiding in moving objects that if she did come up with a new method of stealth transportation, we probably wouldn’t even know it. Maybe she’s been stowing herself away in a cat carrier marked for Meredith and Olivia. Maybe she’s been training to contort into a guitar case. We just don’t know.

But a fan on TikTok has confirmed at least one new way Swift has been using to get around during her Eras Tour: scooting around the nation’s arenas in a janitor cart. TikTok user @shaydanazifpour posted a video from Swift’s Arlington tour date showing two stagehands wheeling a janitor cart up a ramp to the backstage area, opening its door, and helping Swift strut out of it like some kind of magician’s assistant.

Free idea for Christopher Nolan: The Prestige 2, but it’s this video.

Sneaky Little Gremlin Taylor Swift Finds New Hidey-hole