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Yellowjackets’ Warren Kole Refuses to Name the Jeff Stans

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

When Yellowjackets star Warren Kole walked into view at the PaleyFest red carpet, he got a warm welcome. Fans who’d come to see the showrunners and stars of Showtime’s big teen-girl cannibalism hit expressed their admiration for Jeff with whistles and screams. In a show about women’s relationships, women’s anger, and women generally, it’s odd that a cucked hubby has such a devoted fanbase. It’s a testament to the work Kole puts into the role, not that Kole will admit it. “That’s tribute to the writers, he said on the PaleyFest red carpet. “They wrote a great character.” Kole likewise demurred when asked to name the fandom surrounding his character. Like the Arianators or Lambs of yore, what should the Jeff heads call themselves? Kole wants y’all to figure it out: “I don’t want to betray the fandom by designating any kind of name. It will come organically.”

That being said, here are some ideas:
➽ Jeffheads
➽Daddy Issue-Havers (more of a read than a fan name)
➽Husband Guys

Give it some consideration, Jeffybeans.

Yellowjackets’ Warren Kole Refuses to Name the Jeff Stans