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Amanda Seyfried Calls Elizabeth Holmes Prison Sentence ‘Fair’

Uncanny. Photo: Beth Dubber/Hulu

Smear on some red lipstick, frizz out your hair, and scam some old white dudes because today is the day we mourn/celebrate the plight of Liz Holmes (formerly Elizabeth) as she begins her 11-year prison sentence. But there’s at least one of us out there with conflicting feelings on the matter. Amanda Seyfried, who played Holmes all the way to an Emmy win inn Hulu’s The Dropout in 2022, isn’t exactly dancing to Lil Wayne with joy. On May 30, Seyfried, who had hoped to hang with Holmes, was asked about the prison time Holmes will do for fraud while on Good Morning America. “Weird, you know,” she said of the timing of her GMA interview. “I feel for those kids. Those two kids that are hanging in the balance here … As a parent I’m just like … [shakes head and flaps arm] As a mom …” Okay, a focus on Holmes’s kids that is not totally definitive, but she should clear it up with her next statement, right? “Life’s not fair, but in a lot of ways, it’s the fair … It’s fair!” she continued. “For her in particular.” With that particular question somewhat answered, they then move on to discussing Seyfried’s upcoming AppleTV+ program The Crowded Room, which premieres on June 9. We hope it is just as nuanced and complex as Seyfried’s feelings on Holmes.

Amanda Seyfried Calls Elizabeth Holmes’ Prison Time ‘Fair’