Ariana Madix on the Future of Vanderpump Rules: ‘It’s Not Up to Us Who Comes Back’

Photo: Nathan Congleton/NBC

Vanderpump Rules star Ariana Madix is standing her ground regarding her presence on the show. In a conversation with the Los Angeles Times and with co-star Katie Maloney by her side, Madix explains that she isn’t going anywhere just because of Scandoval, a.k.a. her breakup with Tom Sandoval after she found out he was cheating on her with fellow cast member Raquel Leviss. When asked if she would return to the show if Sandoval and Leviss were invited back, Madix said, “It’s not up to us who comes back. I’m just going to be doing me. Me doing me means they are not a part of my life.” She also stated that she “wouldn’t hang out with them,” and that she has plenty of other friends and cast members to spend time with.

Despite the massive breakup and the moving rumors, Madix also reveals in the interview that she and Sandoval are still living in the same home together. “[The house is] big enough that we don’t have to [move out],” she explains. “We communicate with a third party. If he’s at the house, he stays either in the guest bedroom or in the gym … I move about the house a little bit more freely, but I definitely make sure that we don’t cross paths. I might hear footsteps, but that’s about it.” She also clarifies that the photos of her walking out of their shared home with boxes were a partnership with SoFi related to her finances, not photos of her moving out. Whether it’s her place on the show or in her own home, Madix is here to stay.

Ariana Madix on Returning to Vanderpump Rules Post-Scandoval