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Helicopter Parents Hire Jennifer Lawrence to Seduce Their Introvert Son

These wealthy helicopter parents produced the perfect son: a 19-year-old heading to Princeton in the fall. The only issue? He’s stuck in his shell. So, the controlling mom (Laura Benanti) and pop (Matthew Broderick) once again do what they think is best for their kid (Andrew Barth Feldman): hire a broke Jennifer Lawrence to date-date him in exchange for a Buick Regal. “You won’t even rent your house out, but now you’ll rent out your vag?” a friend remarks in the latest trailer. But Lawrence isn’t taking criticism from someone who has a Road Runner tattoo covering their entire back. “I don’t think you should be telling anyone what to do with their body,” she adds. Anyway, the gig is the perfect role for her. She’s a desperate, single, carless Uber driver trying to save her childhood home, barely making do off a shitty position at the local marina’s Lobster Claw. Her attempts at seduction include awkward twerking, nude swimming, and cute little dates. What happens when the son finds out he was duped? Or worse, if someone sleeps with him first so she doesn’t get the Buick? No Hard Feelings hits theaters June 23.

Helicopter Parents Seek Jennifer Lawrence to Date Their Son