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The Jonas Brothers Went Full Dad Rock on The Album

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The Jonas Brothers are starting to wonder if this was all part of their dad’s plan. The trio’s new album, confidently titled The Album, is inspired by the ’70s rock he’d played for them growing up — songs from the Bee Gees, America, and the Eagles that ended up informing their vocal approach and three-part harmonies. “He played us a lot of music where there were multiple lead singers in a band, which is what we have, and it makes for these moments where we’re able to switch on and off from each other,” Nick tells Charlie Harding from Switched on Pop. “This album was about putting something together that sounded like what coming to one of our shows is like. We’re a band, and it’s band music.”

For a group like the Jonas Brothers, in which multiple members have active solo careers, “band music” means it really is the sum of its parts. “I think it’s fun to do the outside stuff, solo music like DNCE, and come back together to feel like we can bring all these different influences and genres to create something stronger,” says Joe. At the same time, the brothers felt like making The Album was a way to build on their past as a unit — those harmonies, Nick says, could only come after “finding what felt really good to us and juicy vocally” on their previous record, 2019’s Happiness Begins. “If you’re gonna look at all of them, this is the one that Joe has said we would send up into space and say, ‘This is the Jonas Brothers. This is the album.’” You can hear more about the Jonas Brothers’ influences, including a heavy dose of yacht rock, on this week’s episode of Switched on Pop.

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The Jonas Brothers Went Full Dad Rock on The Album