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King Charles’s Coronation Ends This Season of the Royal Family Drama

TFW you have a similar posture to the royal family. Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage

It’s official. Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, has been crowned King Charles III alongside his wife, now Queen Camilla. During his coronation on Saturday morning at Westminster Abbey in London, ending this season of Keeping Up With the Royal Family, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby crowned the St. Edward’s Crown on King Charles’s head, making him the king of the United Kingdom. However, his coronation did not come without drama. Leading up to the ceremony, there were discussions of whether or not Prince Harry would attend the ceremony, after his wife Meghan Markle confirmed she would stay home with their two children in California. On the day of the coronation, several protesters were reportedly arrested, including Graham Smith, the leader of the Republic, a political organization dedicated to the replacement of the monarchy.

There is still more coronation to come; Windsor Castle’s East Lawn will hold a concert on Sunday to celebrate the new king. Lionel Richie, Andrea Bocelli, Take That, and Katy Perry are set to perform tomorrow — hopefully, the latter will be able to find her way to the castle. Below are the royal highlights from King Charles III’s coronation.

The royal audience was the best part

While there has still been no Nicki Minaj or Tom Cruise sighting, Katy Perry made her way to the palace, but not without struggling to find her seat. Perry, wearing a lilac dress with a giant hat to match, asked other guests where her seat was before eventually finding it. Katy, you just have to remember to look right and mind the gap! Thankfully, she made it to her spot and served … Well, until all eyes were on Prince Louis.

Prince Louis crowned Prince of Memes

Prince Louis was spotted yawning multiple times throughout the ceremony, and who could blame him? The ceremony was during ungodly hours in the States, and who knows how early he had to be awake to get ready in his Jedi outfit. Yawning is contagious, so it’s shocking that the rest of the royals weren’t stretching with a nice siesta on the mind to end the afternoon. Eventually, they all get to “mimis,” but for now, the show must go on!

Uh, Prince Andrew was also there …

Despite not being a working member of the royal family since he was stripped from his titles in 2022, Prince Andrew, who was accused of sexual assault, wore full royal regalia to the coronation. He was not present alongside the rest of the royal family on the balcony.

Prince Harry dipped the minute it was over

Prince Harry was spotted at the coronation wearing a suit decorated with his medals, seated next to Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank. People reported that Prince Harry requested to wear a morning suit instead of regalia to the ceremony. He didn’t kneel in allegiance to his father, like his brother Prince William did, as he did not play an official role in the ceremony. Prince Harry was not on the balcony alongside the rest of the royal family, missing the flypast gender reveal soaring above the palace (spoiler: It’s a … monarchy). However, being left out of the balcony means he can beat the traffic and head back home to sunny California.

King Charles III Coronation Highlights: Prince Harry