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Detective Lana Del Rey Investigates the Case of the Missing Vape

She chose lung health. Photo: Multishow

Did you know that there’s a missing vape in Rio de Janeiro? Lana Del Rey recently performed a full concert set for the first time in over three years as the headliner of the MITA Festival in Rio, where fans were treated to both the live debut of songs from her new album Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd and Del Rey’s onstage banter. At one point, she told the audience that she planned to stay longer than the festival was allowing her to, before alerting them about her missing vape. She asked in the politest way possible too, which is to say with a Southern accent. During the search, another fan appeared to chuck an ELF bar onto the stage, which Del Rey did not notice, leaving that fan without nicotine or acknowledgement. When others pointed to the pit for where her prized vape had landed, Del Rey decided it was not actually worth the trouble. “Fuck it,” she says. Kids beware: Vaping is not as cool as it looks (when Lana Del Rey does it).

Detective Lana Del Rey Investigates the Case of a Lost Vape