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Sarah Snook Is Actually Australian in the Run Rabbit Run Trailer

Enough! Enough children making ominous drawings in crayon and a respected authority like a child psychologist or teacher saying something like, “It’s clear there’s something troubling Mia.” Come up with a new thing to show that a kid is evil, possessed, witnessing something unspeakable, or interacting with a monster! Have the haunted child put on a troubling skit in the living room for all the grown-ups at the dinner party and then when the parent/host goes to put the kid to bed, all the other guests can make a judge-y face at each other like, What the hell was that and I’m glad my kid is normal and likes sports. Or have the kid build a scary castle in Minecraft. But enough with the crayons. You could be stifling the next Junji Ito by shaming your artistic goth child like this.

Anyway, in the upcoming horror-thriller Run Rabbit Run, Sarah Snook is a single mother whose 7-year-old daughter starts taking on the traits of the mother’s sister, who went missing when she was 7. She went missing at some sort of creepy old stone tower, because Australian girls in cinema are wont to go missing at tall stony outcrops. Is Snook’s daughter being possessed by the spirit of Alice? Or is Alice alive and feral and messing with her? Whatever the case, it’s fun to watch Snook actually be Australian for a change. Run Rabbit Run was the first in-festival acquisition from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and it will premiere on Netflix on June 28.

Sarah Snook Is Actually Australian in Run Rabbit Run Trailer