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What’s Black and White and Orange All Over? RuPaul’s House, of Course

Girl look how orange you your house f*cking looks, girl. Watching the Architectural Digest tour of RuPaul’s jewelry box of a house will teach you to love the Tang. Released on May 16, Rupaul seems to be able to name the person who designed every chair, tile, and lightbulb. One square foot of RuPaul’s two-bedroom-sized menswear closet contains more fabulousness than most people accrue in their entire lives. And that’s not to speak of the entirely separate drag closet. Most rooms are covered in enough black-and-white patterning to give you a headache, and this texture is accented by bright orange chairs, pillows, and one oven, because of how orange makes RuPaul feel. The bright orange might not help the headache situation, but here’s the thing… it would be a fabulous headache, which is even better than having no headache at all.

What’s Black and White and Orange All Over? RuPaul’s House