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The Roys Are Moving On to the Music Industry

Photo: Max

You thought the end of Succession meant the Roy family was done with trying to one-up everyone around them? Think again. Succession composer Nicholas Britell (who also scored hits like Andor and Ziwe) announced that the season-four album is out at midnight, letting the Roy family attempt to dethrone a new target: those currently on the Billboard charts. You can relive this season’s most intense moments through music like Logan’s funeral for when you’re feeling sad or Kendall’s hip-hop hype music for when you’re lifting weights at the gym. Either way, the Succession fam is making their way to everyone’s Spotify Wrapped playlists by the end of the year.

Track List:

1. Succession (Main Title Theme) (Orchestral Intro Version)
2. Langsam – “We Gave It a Go”
3. End Credits – Vivace Appassionato in G Minor
4. Lento Nobile + Lento Pizzicato
5. Allego Bellicoso – “Pirates”
6. Lamentoso – “Needy Love Sponges”
7. Minuet in C Minor – English Horn – “I Need You”
8. Phone Call
9. Piano Solo + Elegy for Orchestra – “Logan’s Return”
10. Lamentoso – Clarinets, Piano, Pizzicato Strings
11. End Credits – “Action That”
12. Pianos + 808 + Beat – “Welcome Home”
13. Marcato e con Forza
14. A Piacere di Nuovo
15. Interlude – Ricercare – “On the Lot”
16. Minuet in C Minor – Strings and Viola Solo
17. Andante Espressivo – String Orchestra – “Number One Boy”
18. “My Dear, Dear, World of a Father”
19. Molto Grave – Recessional
20. Elegy – Strings
21. Lamentoso – Piano, Oboes, Strings
22. Allegro in F Minor – Arrival at Waystar
23. It’s Done
24. Succession – Andante Risoluto
25. End Credits – Choir and Orchestra – “With Open Eyes”

The Roys Are Moving On to the Music Industry